Cycling Links

There is loads of Bike stuff going on in the Borough and further afield, the links below are some of our favourites

Ilford Salvation Army  Together with Redbridge Smarter Travel Team the driving force behind Recycles-Ilford

Recycles Swindon The inspiration for Recycles-Ilford – these guys have been at it for a couple of years now.

Redbridge Smarter Transport Team The other driving force behind Recycles

Cycling in Redbridge – loads of good stuff here

The Hornbeam Cafe and Environmental Centre – OK they aren’t in Redbridge, but we don’t hold that against them, they are a recycling and environmental centre of excellence in Waltham Forest

The London Cycling Campaign A great support for Community Cycling projects and the local group has a twitter feed

Redbridge Cycling Club Whether you are a recreational or a competitive cyclist they run regular Sunday rides including an easy pace ride with a café stop as well as non-stop rides. Whether you are getting back into cycling or just new to the sport then get in touch with us and find out how we can help.

Redbridge Cycling Centre known as Hoghill during the Olympics, is a facility for cyclists of all abilities, from families to competitive riders. The Centre has purpose built road, BMX & off road tracks. We have a large stock of hire bikes including mountain bikes, road bikes, BMXs, children’s bikes, trailer bikes, bikes with child seats as well as number of adapted bikes for disabled users. The Centre can also provide cycle coaching to groups and individuals from complete beginners through to experienced riders.

The Green Guide – all things sustainable around the UK

Redbridge Green Fair – this year its on the 24th June 2017 in Barkingside Town Square

Bikes to Africa – We accept bikes on behalf of Bikes to Africa – and have passed on around 500 bikes destined for Africa

The Bike Hub – other places to recycle bikes and lots of information and advice for cyclists

Shanks Waste Management plc – Not really a cycling link, but these kind people supply us with the vast majority of the bikes we recycle and they have now merged with Van Gansewinkel Groep BV to form Renewi plc

Sophia hubs – A local time share scheme (your time – not a holiday homes scam)

Forest Recycling Project – Forest Recycling distribute un-used paint to prevent it going to landfill – we are now their Redbridge distribution centre (see Recycled Paint page)

The Tweed Run – This links to the organisers of a Classic bike ride around London – buy one of our older classic bikes and join in (perhaps a classic gents roadster or Peugot Super Competition)

L’Eroica Britannia – Like the tweed run but for folks who are a little bit more into pain – we have a selection of bracingly good bikes that are just dandy for this ride

Icebike – a cracking blog regarding all things cycle related from contributors around the world

Bikeshop Info – The deal was if you advertise us we will advertise you – so here it is – hopefully a few more folks we get the bike of their dreams at a ridiculously low price by finding us via this mob (although they seem to think we are in Barking – we aren’t)

H Lloyd Cycles – supplier of decals for bikes for that big rebuild – also authorised supplier of pre 1989 Reynolds 531 decals

Bike theft prevention – we were contacted by the author of this piece asking if we could put it on our site – we can – as all the info therein is good sensible stuff – although we haven’t any strong feelings either way about direct line

Recycling clothes – Not exactly a bike related item – but still good stuff and all about recycling – and when you get into cycling, the weight will fall off you so all stuff to think about when you find you have to replace your wardrobe contents 🙂

Pinch Flat – Mike, who writes this blog, contacted us to ask if we could post a link to his blog here, I had a read and immediately agreed – great pro cycling blog – read “How far would you bike to your job”