Donate a Bike

Taking an old bike to the dump just adds to landfill – which you are paying for in your rates. It also wastes valuable raw materials and useful components, and ultimately adds to global warming.

When you or your kids have outgrown your bikes, or if you are ready for an upgrade, please bring your old bike along to Recycles. we will completely refurbish it and pair it up with a new loving home.

It will also help to save the planet, train a mechanic, get someone else onto a bike, improve fitness levels in the borough, and by getting another car off the road, improve the boroughs air quality – all told, a pretty fantastic thing to do

We can accept bike donations at any time the workshop is open

We also work in partnership with “Bikes to Africa” – a charity that exports old bikes to Africa (Kenya, Ghana, Gambia, Malawi, Zambia, South Africa and Namibia) and are a drop of location for donations of bikes. We have passed on over 200 bikes for distribution in Africa so far this year.