Recycled Paint

We no longer stock Recycled paint. Please visit TCL Reuse

More than 330 million litres of paint is sold in the UK every year. Because people and businesses tend to over purchase, 50 million litres of that total is not used – about 15%

We have just entered a partnership with Forest Recycling Project to retail un-used paint in Redbridge.

Using reclaimed paint:

  • Save the paint from going into landfill or being incinerated
  • Saves energy, oil, water and other raw materials used to manufacture new paint
  • Saves you money – 1 litre of white gloss typically costs £14.65, the same paint reclaimed we sell at £1.20

We have 500 litres of paint in stock – including gloss, satin, eggshell and emulsion in popular colours as well as more specialised paints such as waterproofing paint, shed/fence stain, flooring paint and textured masonry paint

We can also order in more esoteric colours and paints with a weeks notice from the Forest Recycling Projects main warehouse.

When you are thinking of redecorating, come and pay us a visit