Repairs and Servicing

We service bike for customers and do bespoke builds

For a complete rebuild of your own bike (fully stripped down, all parts inspected, re-greassed, worn out parts replaced and then reassembled with brakes, gears etc adjusted)

We charge £65 plus the cost of any additional parts we have to buy in – we will discuss the job with you when you drop your bike in and we let you know how much any parts needed will cost before we do the work.

The project is a “not for profit” social enterprise so this charge represents our labour and equates to the charge for the cheapest bikes we sell. Compare it to a similar service at at a bike shop!

Other services Include:

  • We can do wheel builds for £20 per wheel
  • Brake refurbishment from £5 per brake
  • Deraillieur servicing and setting up from £5 each
  • We will assemble and set up a bike you have bought ‘flat packed’ for £25

We are happy to discuss your needs and negotiate a (not for profit) price for the work

  • We don’t charge for blowing up your tyres !!

Customers who buy a bike from us automatically are entitled to an inspection and adjustment servicing when they bring their bike back after a month.

We are also happy to take on bespoke bike build projects (link relates to a previous project we were involved in) – If you have an old road frame and a hankering to ride a hand built single speed or fixie, come and see us


Here’s one we just completed for a customer – a rebuild of an old mixte frame all ready for college