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Green Meteor ‘De Luxe’ gents roadster bike

This classic bike is in lovely clean condition, it is all original and has been lovingly rebuilt. It is a beautiful light racing green colour, has fully working dynamo lights, full chain guard, cable side pull brakes (new cables), Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub gears, built in rack, built in wheel lock (with original key), pump, side stand and mattress saddle.

All told, a really nice bike that will take you back to the days of elegant cycling – a pinch at the price, This would be a great bike for joining the tweed run ( around Hyde Park

Bikes for Sale

Racing Green Raleigh Gents Roadster

This bike is fantastic, we couldn’t believe it when it arrived, its good enough for a museum. Absolutely pristine frame, new (in 1974) Sturmey Archer 3 speed Hub which was first fitted to the bike last week!!, new shifter and gear cable, chrome rod brakes, original pump, original saddle, dynamo lighting system. This bike was donated by a lovely old gent who said he paid £47 for this when new in the 60’s and has been stored indoors from new, it was regularly used but clearly only in good weather. This classic British bike may be a bit heavier than the modern rider is used to, but it was built to last.

This would be the perfect bike for joining the tweed run ( around Hyde Park

Better picture(s) to follow on Monday (I was a tad busy today) – we also have a compatible period rack and saddle bags available for this bike 

£300 Enquire about this bike