We are always looking for volunteers. You do not need any previous experience, male or female, all you need is enthusiasm and a good attitude. We have three qualified mechanics who will show you how to refurbish bikes to a high standard. We have volunteers from all walks of life, from folk who have recently been homeless to others who are jet-set business men between contracts – they all have one thing in common, enthusiasm for cycling. It doesn’t matter if you can only spare a few hours or if you can come to every workshop – you are still welcome.

  • You benefit by┬ácontributing to society, helping others and helping London towards a sustainable future – you will also gain valuable skills which will enable you to service your own bike or even gain employment in the ever growing cycling industry.
  • We benefit by having refurbished bikes to sell and so keep the project going

If you are interested, either pop into the workshop when we are open and say hello, or drop us an e-mail